Meet Aiva, the world’s first voice-powered care assistant.

Hands-free communication for happier patients and better workflow.

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Better care starts with listening.

It’s the foundation of everything you do as care providers in an industry dedicated to making sure patients go home happy and healthy. Aiva understands your requests and always routes them to the most appropriate caregiver.

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Instant responses for closer communication.

Your care team members can respond from within the Aiva app with just the touch of a button.


Help your staff manage their day.

Caregivers manage their tasks from the Aiva mobile app, while administrators can manage all devices from our central hub.

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Robust metrics drive continuous optimization.

Aiva supports caregivers and managers with realtime performance reporting in one simple dashboard. 

Aiva makes everyone happier.

No matter who you are, your day just got brighter.


Happier Patients

Patients leave with a better experience, and you get higher satisfaction scores.

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Better Workdays

Your nursing staff gets fewer misdirected requests and less burnout all around.

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Healthier Facilities

Raise your productivity and lower facility-wide costs with one easy implementation.

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Ready to meet your
newest care team member? 

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