Aiva Client Success Coordinator

Aiva, the Amazon- and Google-funded leader in voice-powered care, is looking for a part-time Client Success Coordinator.

Aiva improves caregiving for patients/residents and caregivers alike.  We put Amazon Echos, Google Homes and other voice assistants into hospitals and assisted living facilities.  The voice assistants give users hands-free entertainment and control over their environment, but more importantly they improve communication with caregivers.  When you say what you need, Aiva understands and routes your request to the most appropriate person. Caregivers then use our mobile app to quickly respond and manage requests.

Aiva is based in Los Angeles, and our investors include local VCs as well as the Google Assistant Investment Program and Amazon's Alexa Fund.  We are currently expanding our initial pilots, and we have new hospital and senior-living clients coming aboard around the U.S. -- especially in the Southwest and Southeast. Based on job performance and company growth, this position has the potential to go full-time in the near future.

The Client Success Coordinator (CSC) plays a critical role in launching and supporting new clients. If you have caregiving experience, enjoy helping people and are comfortable using software, we’d like to talk.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Train nurses and other caregivers how to use Aiva.

  • Provide on-site and online support to caregivers and other staff using Aiva.

  • Help design educational and support materials.

  • Assist implementation team with new launches.

  • Collect and analyze feedback from patients, residents, caregivers and other Aiva users.

  • Support sales efforts by joining meetings with prospective clients.

Our ideal candidate has the following:

  • Experience working in a hospital or assisted living facility.  You know how such facilities operate and understand how we can best help people who work there.

  • Comfort with software. You don’t need to have created any software, but you’re confident and creative when it comes to using digital tools and systems.

  • The ability to work remotely.  We’ll travel a lot together – and we’ll regularly beam you up to LA HQ – but you’ll mostly be working from home and on-site with clients.  It requires self-direction but also the ability to maintain close communication and healthy relationships with far-flung members of the team.

  • Strong social and communication skills.  There’s a lot of presenting to, talking with and supporting caregivers and other Aiva users, so you should enjoy and excel at that kind of interaction.

If that sounds like you, please email us your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile to careers (at)